Industrial dust removal...
Air knife drying oven
Blower series
Industrial air knife
Standard air knife
Precision air knife
Curved air knife
Circular air knife
Industrial hot air mach...
Hot air
Hot air knife
Heat fan
Hot air gun
Filter series
Connecting tube
Adjust the air valve an...

  Wuxi Baoshan electrical and Mechanical Services Limited specializing in the production of air knife, air knife, wind machine, central air conditioning cleaning high pressure cleaner, air knife drying air knife system, electrostatic dust removal system, industrial electric heater, reciprocating, lifting, conveying mechanism, PLC control of electro-hydraulic control equipment, automation equipment, electro-hydraulic servo system, industrial controller

Adjust the air valve
Combination of sub-duct
Fast union for flexible pipes
Temperature hose
Pressure hose
Stainless steel hose
High efficiency filter
Coarse filter

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